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I am rewriting my project with a modular approach using the prism framework, but have a small issue that I cant find the solution to.

Initially I have a custom canvas control which I have written to allow me to drag its child elements to the desired positions on the screen.

    public class SpecialCanvas : Canvas

The canvas is part of a class library called MainDiagram Module, and the library contains a class which implements IModule.

    public class MainDiagramModule : IModule
    private readonly IRegionManager regionManager;

    public MainDiagramModule(IRegionManager regionManager)
        this.regionManager = regionManager;

    public void Initialize()
        ResourceDictionary dictionary = new ResourceDictionary();
        dictionary.Source = new Uri("pack://application:,,,/MainDiagramModule;Component/Resources.xaml");

        regionManager.RegisterViewWithRegion("MainRegion", typeof(SpecialCanvas));

My Shell.xaml class contains an ItemsControl to provide the region for the canvas to be added to.

<Window x:Class="MLinkPrismVersion.Shell"
    Title="MachineLink" Height="700" Width="1000">
    <ItemsControl Name="MainDiagram" Height="500" Width="800" Prism:RegionManager.RegionName="MainRegion"/>

My problem is that whenever MeasureOverride() is called on my SpecialCanvas class, the Size passed as a parameter gets the width from the parent, in this case 800, but the height is always infinity. Is there any way to sort this. The project was previously written in a non mvvm/prism way where I simply instantiated specialcanvas in the Mainwindow_Loaded event and added it into a grid in mainwindow.xaml, the measureoverride method was always passed both sizes of the parent.

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Solved this one, changed ItemsControl in shell.xaml to a ContentControl. – user2718896 Aug 26 '13 at 18:25
Put that in the answer section. Then set it as the accepted answer. – Aron Aug 26 '13 at 18:27

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Found the answer to this one, It would seem that by changing the ItemsControl in shell.xaml to a ContentControl, both height and width get passed to MeasureOverride().

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