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I am using Visual Web Developer to create a form updating my database. Currently, I fill a gridview based on two drop down lists querying against a view in my SQL 2008 database. This works fine, but I cannot update a view directly, so what I need to do is update the main table that supports the view. So here is the question(s). Can I have a select statement that says

SELECT * FROM [vw_GridviewSource] WHERE (([Annotation Date] = @Annotation_Date) AND ([Name] = @Name))

And have an update to another table?

Also can I somehow only allow the user to update certain fields and not others? I have an instance where the "Annotation Number" is actually generated by my client and should not be changed, but I do want them to be able to update notes, business unit etc.

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I have difficulty in understanding your question[s].

Also can I somehow only allow the user to update certain fields and not others?

Short answer yes. Following example grant UPDATE on Name column and deny UPDATE on OrganizationNode column for User007.

GRANT SELECT ON dbo.Department TO User007;
GRANT UPDATE (Name) ON dbo.Department TO User007;
DENY UPDATE (OrganizationNode) ON dbo.Department TO User007;

Now you can connect using this user and execute following statements:

FROM    dbo.Department;

UPDATE  dbo.Department
SET     Name = NULL;

UPDATE  dbo.Department
SET     OrganizationNode = NULL;
PRINT 'End of Test';


DepartmentID Name                                               OrganizationNode
------------ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Msg 230, Level 14, State 1, Line 13
The UPDATE permission was denied on the column 'OrganizationNode' of the object 'Department", database 'Test', schema 'dbo'.
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Bogdan, I think I understand what you are showing with GRANT UPDATE. My issue originates with the SELECT statement that is associated with my GRIDVIEW. It uses a datasource that is a view from SQL. I want this to remain a view but I also want to allow the users to update the table behind the view with limited access to fields. So I may have select * from vw_Master as the query for the GRIDVIEW. I would like to say UPDATE notes from tb_Master for each row selected. Does that help? –  Tim Vavra Aug 26 '13 at 19:18
Then the main question is if this view is updatable ? See Remarks > Updatable Views. –  Bogdan Sahlean Aug 26 '13 at 19:45
I tried doing an update to the view in SQL and it worked. I guess that you learn something new everyday. My only question is whether I can have an edit and update when I don't have a primary key. If you can help me with that, I believe I have the query written for the update. –  Tim Vavra Aug 27 '13 at 1:52
(1) What is the reason for this restriction: " when I don't have a primary key" ? (2) Did you tried to execute an update on an [updatable view] which references a table without a PK ? –  Bogdan Sahlean Aug 27 '13 at 20:52
The datasource for a gridview needs to have a primary key in order to activate the advanced functions (insert,update,delete) according to the literature. I am finding that sometimes that only refers to the standard functionality. I can add edit, update, cancel programmatically without a PK. –  Tim Vavra Aug 28 '13 at 14:39

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