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I am using MonocleMVC. I am creating a new class instance with the following code :

__Controller.Lists = new ListCtrl('article#lists')

(__ internally refers to Monocle)

The code inside ListCtrl works, but I can't access the variable __Controller.Lists. It says it is undefined.

However, __Controler.Sessions is defined in the following code :

__Controller.Sessions = new SessionCtrl('section#splash')


It seems this code prevents the class from being defined :

class ListCtrl extends Monocle.Controller

  constructor: ->
    __Model.List.bind "create", @bindCreate
    __Model.List.bind "change", @bindChange
    __Model.List.bind "error", @bindError
    __Model.List.bind "destroy", @bindDestroy


Turnet out @bindChange() was the cause. Any idea why?

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There may be an error somewhere else in your code. Are you sure everything compiled correctly? Are there no errors in the console? –  Neal Aug 26 '13 at 19:03
Thank you. I found the source of the problem. I update my answer –  Justin D. Aug 26 '13 at 19:33

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