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So, I made a simple fluid dynamics simulation with XNA, and I get very accurate wave-like behaviors. But when the waves get smaller and smaller, and at some point reach amplitudes of -4.0E-43 and less, the application starts to lag horribly. Does c# switch to some stupid rounding algorithm or something ? I've not observed any NaN's and I don't get any exceptions. Oh, the simulation loops runs in a separate thread.

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C# is not the culprit here. Denormal numbers are.

These are numbers with magnitudes between 0 and 2-126 (1.175494351e-38) which are not stored in the standard (or 'normal') floating-point format. In fact, they are actually stored as fixed point numbers with a multiplier of 2-149.

Because they are rare and require different algorithms, operations involving denormal numbers are not optimized to the same degree as normal operations, if at all.

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