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I am trying to cache images, js and css by configuring the cache settings in urlrewrite.

My js/css files are getting cached as expected but the images won't. I am unable to see the Expires header for the images, despite of various combinations of configurations. Here's the configuration in urlrewrite.xml:

    <set type="expires">2 years</set>

Here's how the directories (and files) look like on the server


I have hunted for configurations everywhere I could think of and there is no specific configuration for images.

Where should I look further? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

PS : I have a struts/spring project.

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in which application server you are deploying tomcat? if yes

            <param-name>ExpiresByType image</param-name>
            <param-value>access plus 100000 minutes</param-value>
            <param-name>ExpiresByType text/css</param-name>
            <param-value>access plus 100000 minutes</param-value>
            <param-name>ExpiresByType application/javascript</param-name>
            <param-value>access plus 10000 minutes</param-value>

use this url rewrite not required

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Thanks for the tip. I was however, more interested in finding out what was I missing in my configurations. I'll use this if I am not able to figure out what and where am I messing up. – TJ- Aug 26 '13 at 20:26

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