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I want to copy selected rows from a columnfamily to a .csv file. The copy command is available just to dump a column or entire table to a file without where clause. Is there a way to use where clause in copy command?

Another way I thought of was,

Do "Insert into table2 () values ( select * from table1 where <where_clause>);" and then dump the table2 to .csv , which is also not possible.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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No, there is no built-in support for a "where" clause when exporting to a CSV file.

One alternative would be to write your own script using one of the drivers. In the script you would do the "select", then read the results and write out to a CSV file.

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There are no way to make a where clause in copy, but you can use this method :

echo "select c1,c2.... FROM keySpace.Table where ;" | bin/cqlsh > output.csv

It allows you to save your result in the output.csv file.

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