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I have a CSV File with a column containing data of more than one line. When I am trying to import data to HIVE Table, by default it takes one line and imports incorrect result.

Example File

1, "Line 1

Line 2", 12/23/2012

2, "Line 1 Line 2" 12/24/2012.

In this scenario, it treats first entry as two separate lines. What is the command to ease this problem?

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As if now Hive supports only the default Line Delimiter '\n'. So you will have to edit your file to import to Hive Table.

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Use following :

root@system>>cat file.txt
1,"Line 1
Line 2", 12/23/2012
2, "Line 1 Line 2" 12/24/2012.

root@system>> sed '{N;s/\n/ /g}' file.txt

Output is :

1,"Line 1 Line 2", 12/23/2012
2, "Line 1 Line 2" 12/24/2012.

(N) add the next line to the work buffer. Now you can parse further and store the data into Hive table.

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Thank You for your answer. Sed is a Unix command, and I am working with Hadoop Command Line (HDP) on Windows Platform. Is there a command line option for Windows? –  Varun Gupta Aug 27 '13 at 15:58
I got it to work on Windows, Data set I have is more complex were I have a column with 3 or more lines too. Using the above expression, I am not able to handle them as well as I noticed that the expression removes few rows from the dataset. Can you please help me address those issues. –  Varun Gupta Aug 27 '13 at 18:52
Sure.Can you provide some rows from the dataset, so that I can help you? –  Nishu Tayal Aug 28 '13 at 3:20
I was able to copy only a row here. Message starting from "Bushwoods..." is a basically a 4 line message. "2047618","2048986","2040910","","","","","false","false","14878921","User","Mic‌​hael Hinckley","Bushwoods. Sounds good. Since there is no wifi. I can do a governance/user adoption/ case study best practice type of talk. Or I can a SharePoint Online overview. Or a career in SP.",,"","","","2012-08-22T07:52:49.349-07:00","" –  Varun Gupta Aug 28 '13 at 17:28

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