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I have a view that allows the user to add list_items to one of their shopping_lists. I want the options for select to be the names of their lists, but I need those names mapped to respective list_id in order to have the correct associations. Here's my current select tag:

    <% item.inventory_items.each do |product| %>
          <%= form_tag("/list_items", method: "post") do %>
          <%= hidden_field_tag(:item_id, item.id) %>
          <%= hidden_field_tag(:inventory_item_id, product.id) %> 
          <%= select_tag(:shopping_list_id, options_for_select(current_user.shopping_lists)) %>
          <%= submit_tag("$#{product.price}", class: "btn btn-primary") %>
          <% end %>
    <% end %>

How can I display the names of a user's shopping_lists as the options, but return the relative shopping_list_id as the value for that option?

ShoppingList belongs_to :user User has_many :shopping_lists

Currently my select tag renders a dropdown selection of a user's shopping lists, but the options are listed in the form, '#. Clicking the submit button doesn't actually add the the item to the list either.

Thanks in advance!

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As you can see in Rails Api documentation:

options_for_select([["Dollar", "$"], ["Kroner", "DKK"]])
# => <option value="$">Dollar</option>
# => <option value="DKK">Kroner</option>

options_for_select receives an Array of Arrays. Inner Arrays are only two elements: ["name", "value"].

You can create a class method in your ShoppingList model as follows:

def self.options_for_list(shopping_lists)
  shopping_lists.map do |sl|
    [ sl.name, sl.id ]

It returns the Array you need, then:

<%= select_tag :shopping_list_id, options_for_select(ShoppingList.options_for_list(current_user.shopping_lists)) %>


Or use a helper method:

def shopping_list_select_tag(shopping_lists, options = {})
  select_options = shopping_lists.map do |sl|
                     [ sl.name, sl.id ]
  select_tag :shopping_list_id, options_for_select(select_options), options


<%= shopping_list_select_tag current_user.shopping_lists %>
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Phenomenal, thank you! I'm inspired by your wizardry. –  settheline Aug 27 '13 at 1:19
I was thinking for a better solution: a helper method. See my edit. –  cortex Aug 27 '13 at 14:20
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