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say i have a db instance which is created outside of my class say called Foo, how do I make this db variable globally accessible within my Foo class?

I know i can have global db; within any functions that want to access it within Foo(), but how would I make it global to the class so I could call it by $this->db;

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I don't get it. Do you want to extend Foo to contain db. Then be able to call the db class from within Foo and effect the db class? You did use the word instance. –  PHPglue Aug 26 '13 at 22:50

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Use a singleton

class MyDB {
  private static $instance;
  private $dbh;

  private function __construct() {}

  public static function getInstance() {
    if( !self::$instance ) {
      self::$instance = new MyDB();
    return self::$instance;

  public function init($host, $user, $pass) {
      $this->dbh = new PDO(); // or whatever

class MyClass {
  private $dbh;

  public function __construct() {
    $this->dbh = MyDB::getInstance();

$dbh = MyDB::getInstance();
$dbh->init('localhost', 'user', 'pass');
$mine = new MyClass(); // internal dbh is initialized and ready to go, no globals required.
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Theorem [as always, rare special cases apply]:

Any developer should try to avoid global variables in any programming language.

Please wrap db inside of a class and establish a well defined interface by means of methods:

class CDb { 

  protected $_instance;

  public function getInstance() { 
    return $this->_instance;

  public function setInstance( $newInstance ) { 
    $this->_instance = $newInstance;


class CFoo {

  public function doSomething( CDB $aDB ) { 

    print_r( $aDB->getInstance() );


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You can work this out in a few ways, the way I would do it is make the db a static attribute and assign it to $this->db in the constructor if needed, like so:

class Foo {

    private $db;

    function __construct() {
        $this->db = System::$db;


or even better, you could create a method System::getDB() and make $db within it a Singleton :

static function getDB() {
    if (self::$db == null) {
        self::$db = new Database();
    return self::$db;
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Maybe this will help.

var $db = new mysqli(/*arguments*/);
class Foo{
  public $db;
  public function __construct($database){
    $this->db = $database;
$foo = new Foo($db); $dtb = $foo->db;
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