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I'm trying to test my services with jasmine and I keep gettin and "Unknown provider: AuthServiceProvider <- AuthService in angular/angular.js on line 2683"

my service is defined:

app.factory( 'AuthService', ["$resource", "$rootScope", "apiPrefix", function($resource, $rootScope,  apiPrefix) {
  auth_resource = $resource(apiPrefix + "/session", {}, {
    logout: {method:'GET'}

  var currentUser;
  return {
    login: function(email, password, success, failure) {
      auth_resource.save({}, {
        email: email,
        password: password
      }, function(response){
        currentUser = response
      }, function(response){
    logout: function(success, failure) { 
          currentUser = undefined 
        }, function(){
          $scope.alerts.push({type: "success", msg: "Logged out" }) 
        }, function(){
          $scope.alerts.push({type: "error", msg: "Sorry, something went wrong" })           
    isLoggedIn: function(){ return currentUser !== undefined},
    currentUser: function() { return currentUser; }

and my test:

describe("AuthService", function(){
  var httpBackend;
  beforeEach(inject(function($httpBackend, AuthService){

    httpBackend = $httpBackend;
    AService = AuthService;

  it("should login the user", function(){
    // test here

my jasmine config file is:

// This pulls in all your specs from the javascripts directory into Jasmine:
// spec/javascripts/*_spec.js.coffee
//  spec/javascripts/*_spec.js
// spec/javascripts/*_spec.js.erb

//= require application
//= require_tree ./

This seems to be configured properly because I can test my controllers fine so I'm not sure why it doesn't recognize my services.

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You can use $injector to get the service and then inject it to the actual test like this

describe("AuthService", function () {
    var httpBackend, AService, apiPrefix;

    beforeEach(function () {
        angular.mock.inject(function ($injector) {
            httpBackend = $injector.get('$httpBackend');

            apiPrefix = angular.mock.module('apiPrefix'); // I assume you have apiPrefix module defined somewhere in your code.
            AService = $injector.get('AuthService', {apiPrefix: apiPrefix});

    it("should login the user", inject(function (AService) {
        // test here

I assume you have apiPrefix module defined somewhere in your code.

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