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How can I programatically get memory usage (JS and total) of my website in Google Chrome?

I looked at doing it from a Chrome extension using the undocumented HeapProfiler (see here), but I can't find a way to get data from that.

I want to measure the memory consumption it at every release, so this needs to be programmatic.

EDIT: I figured out how to get the HeapProfiler method to work. Each addHeapSnapshotChunk event has a chunk of a JSON object.

chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function(tab) {
  var heapData,
    debugId = {};
  chrome.debugger.attach(debugId, '1.0', function() {    
    chrome.debugger.sendCommand(debugId, 'Debugger.enable', {}, function() {
      function headerListener(source, name, data) {
        if(source.tabId == && name == 'HeapProfiler.addProfileHeader') {
          function chunkListener(source, name, data) {
            if(name == 'HeapProfiler.addHeapSnapshotChunk') {
              heapData += data.chunk;
            } else if(name == 'HeapProfiler.finishHeapSnapshot') {
              //do something with data
              console.log('Collected ' + heapData.length + ' bytes of JSON data');
          chrome.debugger.sendCommand(debugId, 'HeapProfiler.getHeapSnapshot', {uid:data.header.uid, type:data.header.typeId});
      chrome.debugger.sendCommand(debugId, 'HeapProfiler.takeHeapSnapshot');

When parsed, the JSON has nodes, edges, and descriptive metadata about the node and edge types and fields.

Alternatively, I could use Timeline events if I just want totals.

That said, are there any better ways than what I've found out here?


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I'm not sure how much details do you require, but have you checked the window.performance object? It gives a brief overview of memory usage and doesn't require extension to be accessed. – Konrad Dzwinel Aug 27 '13 at 7:22
I have, specifically window.performance.memory. It doesn't seem to match the heap profile, though. I actually don't need a lot of details; the total memory usage would be sufficient. – Paul Draper Aug 28 '13 at 4:55

An alternative approach: write a web page scraper pointing to this URL:


the page has a nice Text box, with JSON summary of the Chrome memory usage.

unfortunately, the Text box is not parsed, until the user clicks the Update button. Also, the JavaScript on that page uses some internal variable 'chrome' that is not normally available.

however - maybe there is some way to script Chrome as a user (say in AutoIT or Python?) that loads this URL in Chrome, and then presses the Update button, and then parses the JSON to get the memory usage for whatever tabs you are interested in.

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The chrome dev channel has a process api, chrome.process. You can query it for a tab's process information, which includes all kinds of memory information.

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Is there a way to call this API from outside of the browser? – rakslice Mar 22 '15 at 23:47

For anyone that finds this in the future, since version 20 Chrome supports window.performance.memory, which returns something like:

  totalJSHeapSize: 21700000,
  usedJSHeapSize: 13400000,
  jsHeapSizeLimit: 1620000000
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There is a js library for that:

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