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I want to sync an SVN repository from one server to another server. I used svnsync, but when I checkout the mirrored SVN repo, it's empty. All of the versioned files are not in sync, only the revision number.

This is what I did:

On the mirror server

  • create the SVN repo

    svnadmin create XXX

  • modify hooks/add pre-revprop-change

    exit 0

On the main server

  • modify hooks/ add post-commit

svnsync sync --non-interactive svn:// --username an --password an

  • svnsync init svn:// svn://

  • svnsync sync svn:// --username an --password an

Then I do the regular update/checkout/commit, but only the revision number has synced, not the files.

What did I do wrong?

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