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I have a Backbone collection of Facilities. The model associated with the collection is a Facility with FacilityCode as the model Id attribute.

Now I have a list of FacilityCode in an array. Is there any simple way of creating a collection with all the models which has matching FacilityCode in this array?

I can use collection.get(id) function to get the models one by one. But I am looking for a function to which I can pass an array of IDs which will return a collection of matching models.

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filter is useful for this sort of thing. If you would like, you can wrap it nicely in the definition of your collection object:

Facilities = Backbone.Collection.extend({

    // ...

    getAllForCodes: function(facilityCodes) {
        var models = this.filter(function(facility) {
            return (_.indexOf(facilityCodes, facility.get('FacilityCode')) !== -1);
        return new Facilities(models);


...and the use it to get all facilities for an array of facility codes:

var myFacilities = facilities.getAllForCodes([1, 2, 3]);
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