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I'm using coffeescript. My code is pretty simple:

class SomeCollection extends Backbone.Collection
  constructor: (@options) ->
  url: ->
  model: SomeModel

class SomeView extends Backbone.View
  initialize: ->
    myCollection = new SomeCollection()
      success: (coll, resp) ->
        console.log coll

The JSON that's being returned from my collection's url is exactly:

[{"id": 1, "comments": "", "name": "images/exceptions/59.png"}]

However, before anything is printed to the console, I receive a backbone.js error on line 768: Cannot read property 1 of undefined. The undefined object is this._byId within the collection's get function. How can I solve this problem?

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You are extending Backbone.Collection and providing your own constructor, so you need to make sure to call the parent constructor.

constructor: (@options) ->
  super null, @options

Also, the standard arguments for a Collection are (models, options), so I would stick with that.

constructor: (models, @options) ->
  super models, @options

Or better yet, use initialize instead of constructor to avoid that entirely

initialize: (models, @options) ->
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Bingo! Thanks for your succinct yet complete explanation. –  Pakman Aug 27 '13 at 13:55

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