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I want to print several arrays and the element of output will with field width 3 , I think I can use printf , but if I use printf then I need to write the format of all element of array , but the array is big .

for example

@array = (1,10,100,30);
printf ("%3d %3d %3d %3d\n",$array[0],$array[1],$array[2],$array[3]);

I know I can use loop to print a element until all the array loop through , but I think it's not a good idea .

Does there exists any way can let me just describe the format of element one time , then apply to the whole array automatically?

something like this?

printf ("%3d\n",@array);


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Here are two approaches:

  1. Use a loop

    printf "%3d ", $_  for @array;
    print "\n";
  2. Use the x operator to build a variable length template

    printf "%3d " x @array . "\n", @array;
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Cool trick in number two. Didn't know about that usage. –  squiguy Aug 27 '13 at 5:54

Try this concoction:

print( map( {sprintf("%3d\n", $_)}, @array));
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* print join(" ", map { sprintf "%3d", $_ } @array), "\n" –  amon Aug 27 '13 at 7:12

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