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I am new for Tcl/Tk. I am using vtk with Tk command window for running vtk tcl/tk examples. Here is a code which include Tk expression as condition of if and I am not getting it.

if { [info command rtExMath] != "" } {
    ##Do something related VTK

I have explored info of Tk but there is a combination with keyword command and also no any good explanation I found for rtExMath. Please explain me above.

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The info commands command (info command is just an unambiguous prefix) returns a list of all commands, or a list of all commands that match the given glob pattern. In the case you're looking at, the glob pattern is actually going to be a string-equality check (and is even optimised to such internally); there's no glob metacharacters in it. The result of that is that [info command rtExMath] != "" is a condition that is true exactly when the command rtExMath exists.

Tcl itself does not define any command called rtExMath; I conclude that it must be part of some specialist extension or application. However, Googling makes me suspect that it is actually a somewhat-standard name for an instance of the vtkMath class in Vtk, but I don't really know for sure. (I'm guessing that the binding of that class to Tcl was done by SWIG…)

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Oh yes it's just to check if that class exists or not. I have checked info command SomeExistingVTKClass and it returned string but for non existing it returned empty string. Thanks!!!! –  QT-ITK-VTK-Help Aug 27 '13 at 8:53

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