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My test case looks like:

   void testFormattedDiv() {
    String template = """<itld:formattedDiv numerator="1" denominator="1" format="###,###" nullNotifier="-"/>"""
    String output = applyTemplate(template)
    assertEquals "0", output

My taglib code starts off with:

    def formattedDiv = {attrs, body ->
    Number numerator = attrs.get('numerator') as Number
    Number denominator = attrs.get('denominator') as Number

However, I get a number format error.

Cannot cast object '1' with class 'java.lang.String' to class 'java.lang.Number'

What is the correct way to pass the number?

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Use braces (note that I've changed the template to a single-quoted rather than double-quoted string to stop Groovy interpreting the ${} expressions too soon):

    String template = '''<itld:formattedDiv numerator="${1}" denominator="${1}" format="###,###" nullNotifier="-"/>'''

With GSP tag calls, if the entire content of a tag attribute is a ${} expression then the value of the expression will be passed to the tag directly as its native type without being first converted to a string. But note this doesn't apply when there's other content in the attribute value as well as the ${} expression, e.g. ex="${ample}_1" would be converted to a string.

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Nice, and thanks for the string conversion explanation. –  Interlated Aug 27 '13 at 13:12

You could add some code to parse the string into a valid number (within your taglib).

If you have a look at the source of the FormatTagLib - you'll see that default grails tag libs also do such a handling.

DecimalFormat decimalFormat = new DecimalFormat()
def numerator = attrs.get('numerator')

if (!(numerator instanceof Number)) {
    numerator = decimalFormat.parse(numerator as String)
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