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I was trying to plot boxplot with scales="free_y" but I found out that it is not possible in ggplot2.

So I used


The results are very nice but is it possible to text the strips for individual plots, similarly as done using facet_grid()?

I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.

Here is the example:


now the boxplot can not use scales="free_y" therefore I did something this


the results are nice with appropriate scales but I lose the strip text now on each plot.

Is it possible to get them on individually and then i can use


Thanks in advance.

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Can you please some reproducible example? eg.… – holzben Aug 27 '13 at 6:11
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If your plots are faceted only by one variable then you can use facet_wrap() instead of facet_grid(), so you will be able to use scales="free_y".


enter image description here

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