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I want to make android media player using ffmpeg. (catch MPEG2 TS multicast stream via WIFI network and decode it) I checked followings:

  • My iptime AP supports WIFI multicast protocol. (send multicast stream in wired PC, and wifi connected PC can receive it)
  • My Android phone can receive multicast stream via WIFI. I coded NDK socket programming which is join udp multicast group and receive packets (I added multicast access grant to AndroidManifest.xml)
  • FFMPEG library is ported to android and it can play local media file.

But when I try to open network stream using FFMPEG library, avformat_open_input() function returns fail.

gFormatCtx = avformat_alloc_context();
if(avformat_open_input(&gFormatCtx,"udp://@",NULL,NULL) != 0)
    return -2;

this code always return "-2". If I use "av_dict_set()" api, which option should I use?

av_dict_set(&options, "udp_multicast", "mpegtsraw", 0);

please let me know what should I check for avformat_open_input error?


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What value is returned by avformat_open_input? Does your code work on a Desktop? If you haven't tried I would suggest to do it on Desktop first (a standalone application to test you C code) because it is easier to debug. Use the same ffmpeg version and go debug mode (or at least display all values returned by the API). –  JScoobyCed Aug 27 '13 at 6:38
what a stupid.. there was a "--disable-network" in configure option. :( After change it to "--enable-network", avformat_open_input() return success. –  user1513822 Aug 27 '13 at 8:52
@user1513822 i am also facing the same problem. But after changing the enable-network option also i cannot be able to play the rtp stream. Please help me in this. –  AndroidOptimist Jun 25 at 5:38
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