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I have this below small code where the file name is passed from command line. This program is getting called by execlp() from a different program. I want the o/p of the command getting called by system() here into the filename coming as argv[2]. Not getting a clue how to do that.

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc,char *argv[])
    char c;

    printf("Received : %s  filename: %s\n",argv[1],argv[2]);
        FILE *fp=fopen(argv[2],"w");


  return 0;

The o/p of ./linked_list is simply a list getting printed as below:

****printing list****
info :0   address:0x884e068   next:0x884e0c8
info :1   address:0x884e0c8   next:0x884e058
info :2   address:0x884e058   next:0x884e0b8
info :3   address:0x884e0b8   next:0x884e048
info :4   address:0x884e048   next:0x884e0a8
info :5   address:0x884e0a8   next:0x884e038
info :6   address:0x884e038   next:0x884e098
info :7   address:0x884e098   next:0x884e028
info :8   address:0x884e028   next:0x884e088
info :9   address:0x884e088   next:0x884e018
info :10   address:0x884e018   next:0x884e078
info :11   address:0x884e078   next:0x884e008
Last element...  info:12  address:0x884e008   next:(nil)

Child terminating...
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Use redirection - ./linked_list > file. –  ugoren Aug 27 '13 at 6:41

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Remember that the system function calls the shell, so you can use normal shell redirection:

char command[64];
snprintf(command, sizeof(command), "./linked_list > %s", argv[2]);
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