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I am using Google Chart Image to make graphical chart. I am using PHP to provide the data to the link which in return gives me desired chart. The x-axis and y-axis values are also dynamic i.e. if the graph data is 23,45,37,29... then the y-axis value will range from 20 to 50 and if it is more then that then it will scale according to the data..

Now the problem I am not able to solve is that the dynamic values work fine but I am not able to move the graph line. The image below will clear this point:

Click here for the graph image.

The data provided to this graph is = 190.12,185.53,186.22,186.71,185.87,185.57,186.50,186.58,190.71,191.41,190.12185

The data range is approx between 180 to 190 but graph drawn is between 198 and 200.

I have used chxr to scale the axis. and the link which I am dynamically updating through php is:


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I believe the problem you've got is that you're scaling the axis labels, but not the axis itself. You want to change the chds parameter from a to the range you're dealing with.

This chart looks okay to me.

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I was using wrong encoding previously. To overcome this problem: 1. Use custom scaling. The data in chd variable must look like- t:<data1>,<data2>.... 2. As @Jeremy Faller said, define the range of chds parameter. I was using "a" which is automatic scaling. 3. Most Important, the values/range of chds variable and chxr must be same. More details: developers.google.com/chart/image/docs/data_formats –  symbolicConstant Aug 28 '13 at 9:53

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