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So I have a node class and I haven't learned Linked List yet, so I can't use that. To construct a node object I want the parameters to be like this:

Node(int numberOfNode, type complex or simpel)

I have two subclasses of node called Simpelnode and complexNode and so a node object can be either one of them. What do I need to do so that the parameter can be of both types?

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Looks like you need multiple inheritance! – Narendra Pathai Aug 27 '13 at 8:03
There is no multiple inheritance in Java as far as I know. (It can probably be simulated somehow.) Anyway why would he need multiple inheritance for this issue? – Peter Jaloveczki Aug 27 '13 at 8:09
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Node(int numberOfNode, Node node)

Since SimpleNode and ComplexNode are both subclasses of Node, a SimpleNode is a Node, and a ComplexNode is a Node. So using Node as the argument type will allow passing a SimpleNode as well as a ComplexNode.

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Thanks a lot everybody, I am still learning interfaces so that's why I'm going to try this, I'm more familiar with this ^__^. – user2720690 Aug 27 '13 at 8:49

Use Inheritance

public interface Node{

public class SimpleNode implements Node{

public class ComplexNode implements Node{

Then, you can add a Constructor like that:

public class SimpleNode implements Node{
    public SimpleNode(int numberOfNode){
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How does that answer the question. He already uses inheritance, and is asking what the type of the second parameter of the Node constructor should be. – JB Nizet Aug 27 '13 at 8:08
You cannot get the type from the constructor, you should use inheritance to do it. – user2110286 Aug 27 '13 at 8:10

you need to create Simpelnode and complexNode and make them extend from Node.

that way you can do:

Node n = new Simpelnode();


Node n = new complexNode();

also you should read on java inheritance and to understand what it means

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As far as i understood your question..

Make a Node interface with constructor

Node(int numberOfNode,Object o) or Node(int numberOfNode,Node o)

Make two classes implement it SimpleNode and ComplexNode

as follows SimpleNode(int numberOfNode,SimpleNode o) and ComplexNode(int numberOfNode,ComplexNode o)

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