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Say, you are having a Microsoft DLL (for example WTTLog.DLL that comes with the WinSDK and gets saved in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Testing\Runtimes\TAEF\x64" when Win8 SDK is installed.

2 questions here::

1) How and where can I find the header file exactly corresponding to this version of the DLL?
The header file version should be same as the DLL version (32bit/64bit) because, the mangled names of the function i.e. the "decorated names" of the function should match for both header file and DLL.

2) And where can I find the "*.lib" file corresponding to this version of the DLL ?

Thanks in advance.

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You're wrong on quite a few points.

  1. You're assuming that every DLL has a header file. In reality, there may be 0, 1 or more than 1.
  2. You're assuming that 64 bits DLL's have different headers. This is obviously untrue, just think of <windows.h>.
  3. You're assuming that DLL versions are in exact sync with headers. Again, think of <windows.h>.
  4. You're assuming that function names in a DLL are mangled, in particular re. 32/64 bits. Just think of LoadLibrary(L"MessageBoxW") - that is the mangled name, and "W" only means Unicode. Not 64 bits.
  5. You're assuming that every DLL has a .lib file. Equally untrue. Why would a COM component DLL need one?
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