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I have server running on apache. I use bottle.py. When I'm going to xxx/getbio, SOMETIMES it returns :

Error: 500 Internal Server Error: Template 'bio' not found.

This error occurs not all time: if I restart apache, it's normalizing for several hours, but happens again. Here is code fragment :

def getBio():
    return template('bio')

Here is file structure :

├── views/
│   ├── bio.tpl
└── index.py

And I didin't missed following lines of code:


Please help me, because I don't have idea how to fix this bug

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Can you post the details about how you integrate apache and bottle. Your config file? –  Himanshu Aug 27 '13 at 9:12

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Add your template location to TEMPLATE_DIR, not to sys.path:

bottle.TEMPLATE_PATH.insert(0, 'views')

You may find that it's more robust to use the absolute path:

bottle.TEMPLATE_PATH.insert(0, '/path/to/xxx/views')
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