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I have a pool of servers that is used to load balance some work. This work is partitioned in discrete work items, however it's impossible to determine how much time a given work item will take.

Each server uses TPL to schedule the work on the work items. To truly load balance the work I need to be able to determine how much each server has work items pending.

All I need is to get the number of scheduled work items for a default TaskScheduler. Ideally I could to use TaskSchduler.GetScheduleTasks but this method is protected.

An obvious solution is to write my own Custom Scheduler and expose number of scheduled tasks. This is far from ideal solution since all I need is this number and realistically I won't write as good TaskScheduler as the default one. I can't find the implementation of the Default task Scheduler. If I could than maybe I could inherit from it? Any ideas how I can solve this?

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All I need is to get the number of scheduled work items for a default TaskScheduler.

Just add a counter, increment it when a new task is scheduled, decrement it when a task is finished. Don't forget to use make it thread safe, e.g. by using Interlocked.Increment .

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To be more specific I need to keep track of created Tasks and check their IsCompleted property. I don't any other way to find out when an actual (or any) task finished. – Marcin Waligora Aug 27 '13 at 10:23

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