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What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?


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Looking back at old code from classes is fun...

    cardDeck.push_back(*(new card((rank)r, (suit)s)));  // Push each card onto the deck
                                                        // Temp. objects are overrated

While going through some things, it makes me wish I left more comments at 4 AM when I was hacking together random code...

(A bunch of code that's really weird looking)  //Kludge.

I just found this in some legacy code..

// now swap like a <explicative removed>
REM Don't delete this print statement ****** will die

The process in question was a service in some legacy code

// long live COM'n'Roll
public enum StatusCode
        //success codes
        S_OK                                            = 1,
        S_NONE                                          = 2,
        S_SQL_OPERATIONS_LISTS_EMPTY                    = 3,

        //error codes
        E_NO_MATCHING_END_FOUND                         = -1,
        E_SEQUENCE_NUMBER_NOT_FOUND_AT_END              = -3,
        E_IDS_DO_NOT_MATCH                              = -6
// Oh crap, i think i'm gonna yack

followed shortly thereafter by:

// TODO: end this lunacy

Some old fortran code I saw:

     integer *4 one,two,three;

c    asssign one to 100 before entering the loop

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