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I am reading a paper on collision detection in cloth simulation, please help me understanding following lines written in the paper :

To check if a point x4 is closer than some thickness h to a triangle x1 x2 x3 with normal n we first check if the point is close to the plane containing the triangle: |x43 · n| < h. If so, we project the point onto the plane and compute the barycentric coordinates w1, w2, w3 with respect to the triangle x1 x2 x3.

If the barycentric coordinates are all within the interval [−δ , 1 + δ ] where δ is h divided by a characteristic length of the triangle, the point is close.

Please help me understanding 2nd paragraph, what does characteristic length of the triangle mean?

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''characteristic length'' stands for ''average size of your object''. The characteristic length of a building is its height. For a triangle, the longest side is a good approach, but there are many more. –  Cyril Aug 27 '13 at 12:17
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