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in my project i have something like this in my html :

<div class="row">
    <div class="span3">
        <div class="dropdown">
            <select class="selectpicker btn-success" id="groupe"
                <option value="">Awaiting data...</option>

<div class="tabbable ">
    <!-- Only required for left/right tabs -->
    <ul class="nav nav-tabs">
        <li class="active"><a href="#tab1" data-toggle="tab">Economics</a></li>
        <li><a href="#tab2" data-toggle="tab">Physics</a></li>
    <div class="tab-content">
        <div class="tab-pane active" id="tab1">
            <div class="row">
                <div class="span4">
                    <div id="reportingContainer" style='width: 300px; height: 300px;'></div>
                <div class="span8">
                    <div id="dashboard">
                        <div id="combochart" style='width: 915px; height: 300px;'></div>
                        <div id="control" style='width: 915px; height: 50px;'></div>
        <div class="tab-pane" id="tab2">

i want that we i click in my drop down and i select something, sometimes i can see only

<div class="tab-pane active" id="tab1">

and sometimes i can see only

<div class="tab-pane" id="tab2">

and sometimes i can see both of them,actually it depends of my database. how we can say in javascript for created the div ?

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create fiddle as it is easier to debug and specify your conditions too – Deep Sharma Aug 27 '13 at 11:47
what is your question exactly? what do you want to do? – Nickool Aug 27 '13 at 11:48 i wanted when my function getRole() it return ( "R_ss"= <div class="tab-pane active" id="tab1"> ) or ( "R_dd"= <div class="tab-pane" id="tab2"> ) or both of theme, in my page web i can see it, it means that when my function getRole() it return ( "R_ss"= <div class="tab-pane active" id="tab1"> ) only i want to see this div (<div class="tab-pane active" id="tab1">). – user2682470 Aug 27 '13 at 12:00
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We need what are you asking for to provide some help. I guess you need to register the Change event in the Select HTML element. Depending on the selected value, do your "something v1" or your "something v2".

    var YOUR_SELECTED_ELEMENT = $(this).val();
        // do some stuff corresponding your "something v1"
    else {
        // do some styff corresponding your "something v2"

Has been useful?

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i have data base, in my data base i can say that for exampel the user A he can see the (<div class="tab-pane active" id="tab1">) and (<div class="tab-pane" id="tab2">) but i have another user, user B that can see only (<div class="tab-pane active" id="tab1">), and another user, user C that can see only (<div class="tab-pane" id="tab2">). – user2682470 Aug 27 '13 at 12:06

You can hide or show any element by css style accesing by its id. Example.


change value to none to hide and block to view the element.

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