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I am trying to develop the login functionality in meteor, and I am using jade-handlebars and coffeescript.

My coffeescript page:
 "submit #login-form": (e, t) ->

if Meteor.userId()

  # retrieve the input field values
  email = t.find("#login-email").value
  password = t.find("#login-password").value

  # If validation passes, supply the appropriate fields to the
  # Meteor.loginWithPassword() function.
  Meteor.loginWithPassword email, password, (err) ->
    if err
     # throw new Meteor.Error(403, "Username must have at least 3 characters")
      alert "login unsucess, Please check your email and password currectly"
      console.log err
      alert "sucess"
      console.log Meteor.userId()'/')


My jade file:

    {{> Header}} 


  {{> navigation}}
    {{#if currentUser}}
      {{> login}}
      {{> loginout }}

In Chrome it works fine, but in Firefox I have to refresh my page to see the login or logout button.

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try returning false instead of e.preventDefault()

refer this answer as well. e.preventDefault(); behaviour not working in Firefox?

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