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I have an html page with few <?php ?> code snippets in it. In the first snippet I am connecting to a database and fetching data. Now I want to display that data later in some div tags on my HTML page.

So, is the following the easiest way to do it? When I fetch the data from my database, I store them in an array which I define globally - I mean to be visible in other PHP code snippets on page, and then in those div tags I just print whatever elements of that array I want, like this: <div class="info"> <?php print "{$info[2]} ?> </div>. Is this the correct and safe way to do this and how it's done, I mean how should I define this global array $info?

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That's the way it is generally done when using PHP as a templating language in the context of a single HTML page, yeah. You could make it an associative array so you know further down in the code which element is which – Pekka 웃 Aug 27 '13 at 12:08

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use global keword: global $variable_name;

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