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I'm trying to find the way to debug a PHP web site, html+css+javscript client side code.

I'm familiarized with VS2008 and VS2010, creating ASP .Net applications. This type of sites are very easy to debug with VS2010, only adding breakpoints.

i.e. I add a breakpoint on 'onclick' event of a button, and the code stops this point when click the button.

But... I can't find any approoach like this with PHP. All the examples I've seen talks about a simple php file, "debugged" with Elcipse-PDT or similar (rapidphp, aptana), and no event listening appears on these tutorials.

Other problem: with ASP .NET projects, you can set the "default aspx file". Later, you click "debug" button, and all thing goes on, that's simple. But I can't find how can I do that with PHP with Eclipse-PDT or Aptana.

Can somebody help me?

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You get event listening in .net because it generates client-side code for you; that's not the case in php, where you have to write that for yourself. Debug javascript separately. –  Maerlyn Aug 27 '13 at 12:09
xdebug is pretty much the standard tool for debugging PHP, and can be integrated into many IDEs –  Mark Baker Aug 27 '13 at 12:13

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You need xDebug with IDE like eclipse,netbeans. see xDebug step by step Xdebug – Professional PHP Debugging

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