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I am trying to split a comma separated email string into individual email ids which are comma separated but each email id is enclosed inside single quotation.

My Input is 'one@gmail.com,two@gamil.com,three@gmail.com,four@gmail.com'

My Output Should be: 'one@gmail.com','two@gamil.com','three@gmail.com','four@gmail.com'

I am going to use the output string above in oracle query where condition like...

Where EmailId's in ( 'one@gmail.com','two@gamil.com','three@gmail.com','four@gmail.com');

I am using the following code to achieve this

                    (REGEXP_SUBSTR('one@gmail.com,two@gamil.com,three@gmail.com,four@gmail.com' ,'[^,]+', 1, LEVEL))
CONNECT BY LEVEL <= LENGTH('one@gmail.com,two@gamil.com,three@gmail.com,four@gmail.com' ) - LENGTH(REPLACE('one@gmail.com,two@gamil.com,three@gmail.com,four@gmail.com' , ',', '')) +1;

But the above query taking 60 seconds to return only 16 records. Can any one suggest me the best approach for this...

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I guess your query is slow because of hierarhical query (connect by) and not regex parsing. Can you re-write your query without using connect by? –  Alen Oblak Aug 27 '13 at 12:58

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Try this,

WHERE email IN (
  select regexp_substr('one@gmail.com,two@gamil.com,three@gmail.com,four@gmail.com','[^,]+', 1, level) from dual
  connect by regexp_substr('one@gmail.com,two@gamil.com,three@gmail.com,four@gmail.com', '[^,]+', 1, level) is not null );
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Excellent...Its working. Thank you so much. –  Kokirala Sudheer Aug 27 '13 at 13:07

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