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I have setup a dynamic script (using CSScriptLibrary) in my C# program as follows:

string sqlReturnValue= cmd.ExecuteQuery();;
dynamic script = CSScript.Evaluator
                         .LoadCode(@"using System;
                                     public class Script
                                        string GetValue()
                                                return " + sqlReturnValue + @";
                    output = script.GetValue();

sqlReturnValue is a string that I get back from a SQL query similar to this:

"Salaried Grade 1".Substring(0, 7) == "Salaried") ? "CLA_SH_S" : "CLA_SH_H";

When I try to execute this the dynamic code gives me errors of "Unexpected symbol )', expecting ;'" & "Unexpected symbol :', expecting ;'"

How can I write this dynamic script such that it evaluates the ternary correctly?

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IN case someone finds this useful, I was able to get this working as follows:

string sqlReturnValue = cmd.ExecuteQuery();

// Use CSScript to evaluate the test string returned from the SQL Query
var Product = CSScript.Evaluator
                      .CreateDelegate(@"string Product()
                                             return " + sqlReturnValue + @";

output = (string)Product();
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