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I am facing trouble when I try to pass a parameter to my ActionListener from a context menu. Brief introduction (I'm using primefaces):

I've got a p:selectOneListbox with some Items in it. I'd like to delete a single item by right-clicking on it via contextmenu. Unfortunately, the item won't be selected by right-clicking, so my bean does not get to know which item to delete.

My xhtml-excerpt so far:

<p:contextMenu for="listMitarbeiter">
   <p:menuitem value="delete" action="#bean.removeAssignedMitarbeiter()}" update="listMitarbeiter" />

<p:selectOneListbox id="listMitarbeiter" value="#{bean.selectedAssignedMitarbeiter}" converter="omnifaces.SelectItemsConverter">
   <f:selectItems var="mitarbeiter" value="#{bean.assignedMitarbeiter}"
                  itemLabel="#{mitarbeiter.fullName}" itemValue="#{mitarbeiter}" />

..and the called method in my bean:

public void removeAssignedMitarbeiter( Mitarbeiter mitarbeiter )
  this.assignedMitarbeiter.remove( mitarbeiter );

How to tell this method about the previously right-clicked mitarbeiter-item? Thanks in advance :-)

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