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I am currently trying to port an Eclipse RCP plugin to RAP (it is my first experience with RAP). I had a look at several sample applications and tutorials on how to port, but all information I have got says that the bundle org.eclipse.core.resources should be available (as long as I don't misinterpret them completely).

I have resolved all other Required-Bundle-errors, but 'Bundle 'org.eclipse.core.resources' cannot be resolved' resides. It seems that org.eclipse.core.resources is not included with the RAP target platform (I installed it via Eclipse and checked the settings).

Is org.eclipse.core.resources not included anymore and if yes, what can I use to replace it? Or how can I include it?

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The bundle org.eclipse.core.resources is not part of the RAP target platform, and it never was. The original bundle the Eclipse platform is not suitable for RAP.

To use the resources bundle with RAP, a RAP version would have to be created, that provides per-session workspaces in ResourcePlugin#getWorkspace(). It's technically feasible but probably a fair amount of work.

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