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I've setup my Jekyll blog so that /blog/ displays the latest blog post - 1 post per page using paginator.

This works fine but the permalinks display /blog/page2/ and /blog/page3/ for each blog post as you click next. Also when you click on the title, they link to the an empty page with the correct permalink. Am I doing something wrong?

The _site output:

-- index.html
-- /blog
  ---- index.html <-- 'blog-post-one' content is in here
  ---- /page2 <-- 'blog-post-two' content is in here 
  ---- /page3 <-- 'blog-post-three' content is in here
  ---- /blog-post-one
  ---- /blog-post-two             } All three outputed posts have no content
  ---- /blog-post-three 
-- /info
  ---- index.html

The input:

-- _includes
-- _layouts
-- _posts
  ---- 2013-08-18-blog-post-three.html
  ---- 2013-08-22-blog-post-two.html       } All three have content
  ---- 2013-08-24-blog-post-one.html
-- /_site
-- /blog
  ---- index.html
-- /info
  ---- index.html
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Do you have a link or can you post your _config.yml –  RobertKenny Aug 29 '13 at 2:50

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