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PF 3.5.10, Mojara 2.1.21, Omnifaces 1.5

I have Facelet-Template with p:menu and p:include for dialog


<h:form> ... <p:menubar> 
     <p:menuitem value="Start Dialog" oncomplete=""/>       
     <p:menuitem value="open another page" action="/app/mypage.xhtml?faces-redirect=true"/>
 </p:menubar>  ... </h:form>

<ui:insert name="content" />

<ui:include="/app/mydialog.xhtml" />


  <p:dialog widgetVar="mydialogwidget" ...>
    <p:datatable binding="#{mybean.table}">
       <p:column id="col_first"> ... </p:column> 
       <p:column id="col_last"> ... </p:colum>


 <ui:composition template="/app/mytemplate.xhtml">
    <ui:define name="content">
    <h:form> ... </h:form>

If I start mypage.xhtml form menue, I become JSF1007 error (Duplicate ids) The component tree will be written to my console. The simplified component tree output:

+id: mydialog
  +id: mytable
    +id: col_first  <<=============
    +id: col_last 
    +id:col_first <<========

The mydialog.xhtml will be included only once. The answer to question JSF with Primefaces Menu duplicate Id error? doesn't help me. How can I aviod this error ? Where comes this error from ?

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The prolbem was binding attribute on datatable. See also: I'm getting 'Duplicate id error' after adding 'binding' attribute

SessionScoped component was used in multiple views.

I've used EL-table binding and then the problem was disappeared.

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