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I would like to do a lookup in the storage using the JSON API client library and only retrieve the name and generation of each object matching a specific prefix but I am having issues with the fields request parameter.

Executing the following returns the expected objects.

Storage.Objects.List listObjects = null;

URL being created for the request in is

However, when I add


with URL created being,generation&prefix=myprefix&versions=true the below is returned:

    "code" : 400,
    "errors" : [ {
        "domain" : "global",
        "location" : "fields",
        "locationType" : "parameter",
        "message" : "Invalid field selection name",
        "reason" : "invalidParameter"
     } ],
     "message" : "Invalid field selection name"

How am I supposed to be specifying the fields I want returned? Is the hierarchy of the fields I'm specifying not correct?

Thank you!

Ref: Verified the composition of the URL based on this:

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I think what you want is:


or with the full URL:,name)&prefix=myprefix&versions=true

The APIs Explorer is a great tool for experimenting with request fields like this. It will generate the proper fields for you.

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Thanks! The APIs explorer is really helpful, good to know it exists. – edlftt Aug 27 '13 at 17:09

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