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In the topics.index, I send list of topics as JSON without sending relationship ids (A topic has many posts, many users, edits, likes, etc etc which I do not show in the topics.index hence I do not want to render all the relationship ids when visiting topics.index using App.Topic.find())

So whenever a topic link is clicked, ember-data does not fetch from topic/:topic_id if it finds that the specific topic is already loaded (but this time, all the relationships are necessary). Is there a way we can force ember-data to reload every time when we go to a new link, irrespective of whether the data is already loaded or not?

Reloading also reduces number of requests made to the server.

Let's say A topic has many posts and many comments: When rendering list of topics we store post_ids and comment_ids in each of the topic, when rendering a topic,ember-data will now make two requests to the server. One to fetch all the posts with the post_ids and all the comments.

If we force to reload, we can sideload all the relationship data with one request instead of many to fetch the hasMany or belongsTo data.

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Ember Data currently lazy loads associations. So you should be able to send all the ids in your initial json.

When clicking on a specific topic, you can request the record again (using store.reloadRecord) and sideload all the models that you need, or simply let Ember Data requests them if they are used.

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where should we use the store.reloadRecord? in setupController? During the time we request reload to obtaining records from server, Ember-Data will also side load associations with available ids so this might not prevent multiple requests for loading associations. – Gogu Aug 29 '13 at 16:34
when you define the model for your TopicRoute. You can check if the record is already in the store with something like store.hasReferenceForId(App.Topic, topic_id). This isn't a great solution as you will reload your data each time you reach that topic. – Cyril Fluck Aug 29 '13 at 17:58
I'm building sports related website and hence I would like reload data each time. model function is not called always. – Gogu Aug 30 '13 at 6:02
You may not have declared a resource for your route (see ) – Cyril Fluck Aug 30 '13 at 16:09

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