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For AS 3

I have a class which crate a panel with close button. and i create an instance of this class like this

function _smallThumbClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {
   var _popup:Popup=new Popup( square.width ,evt.currentTarget.y, evt.currentTarget);

and this mouse event from the thumbnail(suppose), so if i click on the thumb it will create popup. so i want to close all other or previously opened pop window.

How do u get the popup class object to close from another class..

or is there any alternate method for detect instance of the movieclip or class..

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You can store a reference to the popup in a public variable and access it from outside.

public var popup:Popup;
function _smallThumbClick(evt:MouseEvent):void
    popup = new Popup( square.width ,evt.currentTarget.y, evt.currentTarget);

Now you can call this.removeChild(popup); from this class or obj.removeChild(obj.popup); from another class.

If you are on flex, you can use PopUpManager class.

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