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Can a gradient color be assigned to the selected row? I tried but it is being assigned at the cell level so in each n every cell i have the start color and the end color.

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I'm not sure if you could do a gradient color per se, but there are ways to assign a color to a given row in a table.

If you are using the ASP.NET GridView and just wish to have a way of distinguishing between rows you can use the AlternatingRowStyle property to alternate the colors which makes it easier to distinguish between the fields.

Another option is to just return a fairly generic table and then use jQuery to manipulate it on the client side. If you go this route, then there are techniques describe that allow you to set a row color on click, as described in this tutorial.

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You could apply a css class to the selected row and use a gradient image as the background-image in the css properties.

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