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I'm looking for a tool that would be ideal for testing a critical distributed system. I'm mainly interested in testing the "big picture", making sure that the apps that comprise the system are communicating with ech other (http as well as tcp/udp communication) properly, adding the correct records to the database, producing the log files with the correct entries. This is not for testing internals but rather "external" aspects.

I want to set up the entire test environment using puppet, where the apps and resources(e.g.: Databases) are actually deployed and running in actual servers. The tool that I'm looking for would be flexible enough to start/stop the apps, send http requests with text and/or binary payload, analyse responses and etc.

Additional information: the applications run as daemons in linux and have init scripts, they read and write to mysql and a nosql database. They send HTTP, UDP and TCP messages to each other for different purposes.

Any recommendations?

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