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I found this neat post before asking this question (but doesn't solve my problem) :

I'm trying to update a record with ajax call using play framework as a backend.

Here is some data regarding my request :

Request URL:
Request Method:PUT

Form Data

enter image description here

Here is how I try to test what I get on the server side :

Logger.info("PK IS " + request().getQueryString("pk"));

This is what I get in the log:

[info] application - PK IS null

How would I get these params from FormData? I got this data regarding my request from firebug

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The POST data is available in a controller with request().body().

On the body, you can call .asFormUrlEncoded() to retrieve a Map of the data. You will find more information in the documentation.

For more complex use cases, you can use the Form API to define data constraints and validation and bind data directly to a specific class.

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Adapted from http://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.0/ScalaForms

import play.api.data._
import play.api.data.Forms._

case class MyFormData(name: Option[String], value: String, pk: Long)

val myForm = Form(
        "name" -> optional(text),
        "value" -> text,
        "pk" -> number

    formWithErrors => // binding failure, you retrieve the form containing errors,
    value => // binding success, you get the MyFormData value 

Obviously substitute MyFormData for something meaningful to your domain.

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You can get it for files:

val music = request.body.file("music").get

for body parts as an example:

var tracktitle = ""
        request.body.dataParts.get("tracktitle").get.foreach(value => tracktitle = value)
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