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I'm currently studying about how to fork (duplicate) a process. The result of the fork is having a Parent process and a Child process. My question is :

Let's suppose we have the process P-1.
We forked P-1, and we obtained a child process P-1.1.
I know that is possible to fork P-1 again and obtain P-1.2.
But my question is : 
Is is possible to fork the process P-1.1 and obtain a GrandChild for P-1 that we can call P-1.1.1?

I'm waiting for an aswer by "Possible" or "Not possible", but giving some reasons in process management side of making it "Not possible" (if not possible :) ).


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I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't be able to fork a forked process, but it's not really an area I am an expert on... –  Martin Milan Aug 27 '13 at 15:49

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P-1.1 is just another process, the fact that it's a child makes no difference.

Just call fork from P-1.1 and a new child process (P-1.1.1) will be created.

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