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Hi I have the below query which returns data for the next start date in the start date table, what I am looking to do is pull data for the next 2 start dates rather. Can anyone help me please? I Have edited to show the specific part I am having an issue with rather than provide the entire query, please remember this is a sub query.

(a1.expstartdate = (select min(startdate) 
from cstreprts.dbo.startdates
where startdate+15 > @asofdate and sycampusid = a1.sycampusid) 
    or a1.startdate = (select min(startdate)
 from cstreprts.dbo.startdates where startdate+15 > @asofdate 
 and sycampusid = a1.sycampusid))
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You should try to simplify your query to its minimal expression (at least for the question). – Pierre de LESPINAY Aug 27 '13 at 15:45

You can LIMIT the amount your receive. If you ORDER BY descending value the LIMIT will only give you back your top 2 results.

Simply ORDER BY and then LIMIT 2

A short example

SELECT start_date 
FROM start_date_table 
ORDER BY start_date DESC 
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