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I have a list which is sortable. Before I start sorting, I want to check if all the elements of that list are valid. If not, cancel the event and leave the list intact.

You can find the code here http://jsfiddle.net/DZYW5/4/

When I use this, the event is canceled, but the element is removed.

start: function (event, ui) {
    if (!valid()) {
        return false;
        // it cancel's but the element is removed...

Maybe I should implement a "beforeStart" event? Suggestions?

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as a suggestion, you can cancel specific elements which should not be sorted and allow other valid elements to be sorted at the same time using the cancel option api.jqueryui.com/sortable/#option-cancel –  Mandeep Jain Aug 28 '13 at 7:40

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You can use the cancel method

    connectWith: ".connectedSortable",
    items: '.sortable-item',
    handle: '.handle',
    placeholder: "ui-state-highlight",
    stop: function (event, ui) {
        if (!valid()) {
            $( this ).sortable( "cancel" );

Demo: Fiddle

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although it might confuse the users, it's good enough. thanks –  Pedro Bernardo Aug 27 '13 at 16:44

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