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I have a resource class as

// @SecurityChecked
public class SecureResource {

    private HttpServletRequest request;

    public Response getUser() {
        return Response.ok("authenticated successfully!").build();

    public Response login(@FormParam("user") @Nonnull final String user,
                          @FormParam("password") @Nonnull final String password) {
        final String authToken = TokenUtils.createToken(user);
        return Response.ok().header(AUTH_TOKEN, authToken).build();

    public Response updateUser() {
        return Response.ok("updating user").build();

and I have a PostProcessInterceptor where I would like to access the request of header class

public class SecurityCheckInterceptor implements PostProcessInterceptor {
    private static final Pattern PATTERN = Pattern.compile(":");
    private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(SecurityCheckInterceptor.class);
    public void postProcess(final ServerResponse response) {
        // access the Resource class request object


I am not sure how can I access the request object here

Please help

Thank you

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Why do you want to access request in PostProcessInterceptor? Are you sure you cant use

public static class MyInterceptor implements PreProcessInterceptor{
public ServerResponse preProcess(HttpRequest request, ResourceMethod method){...}


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Yes, because, request has Headers and I need to access those to create a new Header before the response is sent. Does it makes sense? – daydreamer Aug 27 '13 at 17:43
im not familiar with this api. Maybe take a look at mastertheboss.com/resteasy/resteasy-interceptors-tutorial/… where respone object is manually created in preProcess handler - new Headers<Object>() is passed. Probably you should be able to add header there. – freakman Aug 27 '13 at 20:52

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