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Got some records like:

    key: 0,
    title: "some country",
    select: true,
    childred: country state collection


collection filed on server like: "if not all children states selected then country not selected."

Not all states inside country are selected, so when i set this "selectMode: 3" I expect country node with "dynatree-partsel" style but all nodes are unselected (country and states). If i set "selectMode: 2" - works fine: country not selected, states - selected.

How to initialize "selectMode: 3" collection with "dynatree-partsel" state?

P.S. Sample doesn work with "selectMode: 3" either.

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Make a fiddle and share the fiddle , other wise it's very difficult to understand what's happening and hat is not –  The Dark Knight Aug 27 '13 at 17:36
did you ever get any answers to this as i am looking in to some thing similar. I want to initialize a tree with some part selections –  Robert Jan 7 at 21:33

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