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I am creating a GUI program using wxPython. I am also using matplotlib to graph some data. This data needs to be animated. To animate the data I am using the FuncAnimate function, which is part of the matplotlib package.

When I first started to write my code I was using a PC, running windows 7. I did my initial testing on this computer and everything was working fine. However my program needs to be cross platform. So I began to run some test using a Mac. This is where I began to encounter an error. As I explained before, in my code I have to animate some data. I programmed it such that the user has the ability to play and pause the animation. Now when the user pauses the animation I get the following error: AttributeError: 'FigureCanvasWxAgg' object has no attribute '_idletimer'. Now I find this to be very strange because like I said I ran this same code on a PC and never got this error.

I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what is meant by this _idletimer error and what are possible causes for this.

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_idletimer is likely to be a private, possibly implementation specific member of one of the classes - since you do not include the code or context I can not tell you which.

In general anything that starts with an _ is private and if it is not your own, and specific to the local class, should not be used by your code as it may change or even disappear when you rely on it.

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I was just wondering why this error only occurs on the Mac OS and not the PC. On the PC, I am using pythonxy and on the Mac I am using the enthought distribution of python. –  user2722576 Aug 28 '13 at 13:09
Because there is a different installation of python with different copies of the libraries running on a different OS! Even the same versions of the external modules may use different private variables and functions on different OSs and different versions even more so - that is the nature of private members they are there for the convenience of the package developer not the user so can not be relied on. –  Steve Barnes Aug 28 '13 at 13:48

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