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I have a table in a SQL Server database with a varchar(20) primary key and several fields with assorted datatypes - int, text, datetime, integer, nvarchar(max), etc.

I can import this table into Access using External Data->ODBC Database successfully but I noticed all fields have their datatype set to MEMO except for the PK, which becomes TEXT.

How can I import the table TO Access and have the fields retain their datatypes?

Or alternately, how can I export the table FROM SqlServer and have the fields retain their datatypes?

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You cannot retain the SQL Server data types in Access, they do not use the same types.

Have a look at the equivalent data type in Access for the SQL Server types:

How Access sees SQL Server data types

I realise the article I'm linking to is talking about moving data in the opposite direction to your situation but it was the first link I found when searching Google.

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